5 Amazing Places to Visit in Boulder, CO

Things To Do Boulder

There’s no shortage of beautiful places to explore and entertaining things to do in Boulder, Colorado. With 200 miles of hiking trails and more than 31,000 acres of parkland, this town is a true nature- and adventure-lovers’ paradise. While the potential adventures in the many breathtaking mountain parks are the main attraction for most visitors, you’ll also find hordes of food and cultural options if you’re interested in a more tranquil stay.

Here are some of the experiences you won’t want to miss next time you visit Boulder:

1. The Flatirons

Without a doubt, the stunning, slanted, sandstone Flatiron foothills are the main attraction in town, and many locals considering them a synonym for Boulder. If you’re the adventurous type, you can climb in this area, but if you prefer a less-risky way to enjoy the views, you can enjoy a hike on one of the many trails. You’ll find perfect options for hikers of all ages and fitness levels.

2. Local Breweries

Home to 20 breweries, Boulder boasts a bike-friendly Beer Trail – a tour to let you experience all the local distilleries and wineries. If you want a more relaxed experience and want to try out the local food scene, too, you should stop by BRU, which pairs 14 rotating taps with fantastic food options that will complement the brews.

And don’t leave town without tasting the famous India pale ale at Avery Brewing Co.

3. Local Food Trucks

Boulder boasts a thriving food scene, which is probably most evident in the fabulous quality and variety of food trucks you’ll find around the city.

Some of our favorites include:

  • The French Twist for a varied and sophisticated menu you won’t believe comes out of a truck. It’s run like a restaurant!
  • Little Grater for amazing crepes, including savory and sweet options.
  • Tacos El Rey for the best tacos in town.
  • La Rue Bayou for life-changing creole food!
  • The Ginger Pig for some mouthwatering Asian flavors.

4. Pearl Street Mall

This commercial area in downtown Boulder offers more than your run-of-the-mill shops. In addition to some of the big chain shops, you’ll find some seriously cute local boutiques and original galleries. Even if you’re not interested in shopping, Pearl Street has some lovely cafes to hang out in to take in the eclectic characters, and there are almost always street performers entertaining up and down the mall.

It’s a sweet spot to grab a bite, stroll a bit, and do some people-watching to get a feel for the local environs.

5. Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory

If you enjoy a good cuppa of herbal tea, this is a must-stop on your itinerary. This factory houses North America’s largest herbal tea producer, and it’s well worth the visit to learn more about the process that translates to you sipping your chai in the afternoon.

During the tour, you’ll be invited to taste some of the brand’s bestseller flavors, so you might even walk out with a new favorite blend!

The Best Business Practices for Food Trucks

Best Practices Food Truck Business

Imagine answering to no boss but your self, making good money and working the hours you want to work. Such is the life of a food truck vendor. But you have to be careful of pitfalls that can cause frustration and cut into profits.

Owning a food truck can be a rewarding and profitable venture. Aside from the financial benefits, having a food truck also allows you to exercise your creativity and your love of preparing food. Continue reading “The Best Business Practices for Food Trucks”

Top Branding Tips for Your New Food Truck

Food Truck Branding

When you’re just starting with a new food truck business, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of hats you need to wear beyond the staple chef’s hat.

From sourcing supplies and dealing with clients to marketing your business and deciding whether to use platforms like Truckster to maximize your customer base, it’s easy to get bogged down.

Take a step back and breathe.

Branding is something you might be tempted to skip, but that would be reckless. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, you should differentiate your food truck from the competition in every way you can.

Before we give you a brief snapshot with five actionable branding tips, it all starts with a mission statement.

What Is a Mission Statement and Why Do You Need One?

Don’t worry. We’re not talking about marketing jargon here. It is quite the opposite.

A mission statement should be a clear, concise declaration showing what you’re all about and how you will achieve your goal.

Once you’ve got your mission statement locked down, you can think about your overall branding strategy more clearly. Beyond helping you get started, a mission statement also serves as a useful ongoing reference point so you can make sure you stay true to your values and goals.

Don’t get caught up on this for weeks on end but do give it some thought. Put a simple mission statement in place.

5 Branding Tips for Your New Food Truck

We’ll cut straight down to the meat and bones now. We’ll look at how you can get your branding right in these five areas:

1. Define and Articulate Your Brand Clearly
2. Create One Branding Message and Keep It Simple
3. Be Consistent and Personal with Your Brand Voice
4. Your Food Truck Is Your Primary Branding Tool
5. Go Large or Go Home

1) Define and Articulate Your Brand Clearly

Don’t overthink it here. You don’t need to conjure up a brand from thin air.

Think about these three areas:

• Your menu
• Your values
• Your personality

You do not need to reinvent the wheel here, but you do need to stand out from the competition. If you think of the very finest brands, few of them are outlandish in concept. From the upscale Hermes offering simple but luxe clothes at eye-popping prices to the global marketplace eBay, branding is strong, but the core offering is straightforward.

Take the time to think about what defines you and your food truck. That way, when you register with platforms like Truckster, your brand will be catchy enough to differentiate itself without needing to be gimmicky.

2) Create One Branding Message and Keep It Simple

The simple approach we kick off with should remain in place with your branding message.

Think of Nike’s fabled slogan “Just Do It” or smart home firm WYZE’s goal of “Making great technology accessible to everyone.” The best branding messages nail company colors firmly to the mast. There’s no ambiguity, and your food truck should follow these same principles.

You could do far worse than to keep in mind at all times the Navy’s KISS motto: “Keep it simple, stupid.” This sage advice was coined back in 1960, but it is more relevant than ever in today’s marketplace. Simplicity sells. Make it easy on yourself, and your branding strategy will be easier to roll out.

3) Be Consistent and Personal with Your Brand Voice

Whatever marketing channels you use, keep your brand voice consistent.

It’s senseless being playful on Twitter, serious on Facebook, and neutral on Instagram.

Stay in character and let your personality-driven brand stay personal.

4) Your Food Truck Is Your Primary Branding Tool

Never underestimate the importance of your truck as a branding tool.

Don’t hold back on the design work and make sure your food truck creates an immediate and striking impression.

Keep your logo large, clean, and uncluttered. Include all your social media hashtags and handles. Make it easy for customers to contact you.

Your truck is a 24/7 branding tool. Make it count.

5) Go Large or Go Home

Even if you have no huge ambitions for expansion and you’re happy with the trade you pick up directly and from platforms like Truckster, you should still be bold with your branding.

Think like a large company and go all-in on your branding efforts. The results might just surprise you.

5 Food Truck Menu Ideas That Consistently Work

Food Truck Menu Ideas Min

If you’re launching your first food truck, one thing is sure to be uppermost in your thoughts… Yes, the menu.

We see so many different concepts for food trucks on Truckster that we’re not here today to give you recipes or fixed specifics. After all, what would work wonderfully on a taco truck wouldn’t be quite so well received on a truck specializing in crepes. Continue reading “5 Food Truck Menu Ideas That Consistently Work”

How to Handle Difficult Customers as a Food Truck Owner

Angry Customer Food Truck

When the sun is shining, and your food truck is surrounded by happy customers, signing up with Truckster, the leading food truck finder, might seem like the best idea you ever had.

How about when you get those inevitable demanding customers, though?

Are you able to keep your cool and resolve the problem, or do you end up flying off the handle? Continue reading “How to Handle Difficult Customers as a Food Truck Owner”

Staffing Your Food Truck Effectively

Food Truck Staffing

When running a traditional restaurant, staffing is crucial to ensure you are profitable and able to keep the lights on. When it comes to your food truck, you need effective employees to keep the engine running.

Because food trucks are a much smaller operation than a standard restaurant, a mistake in hiring or putting your employees in the wrong role can be detrimental to your food truck business. Continue reading “Staffing Your Food Truck Effectively”

Why Food Truck Maintenance Is A Priority

Food Truck Maintenance

As a food truck owner, keeping your trucks well maintained is one of the most important things you can do to create a profitable food truck business.

Depending on where your food truck is located, exposure to extreme heat or cold can take a toll on both the inside and outside of your vehicle. Furthermore, not maintaining your food truck can lead to having to invest significant amounts of capital in repair on issues and problems that are often preventable.

Given that food trucks are no small investment, taking the time to care for your truck properly is a must.

Why Food Truck Maintenance is Important

Here are a few reasons why food truck maintenance should be a priority, as well as a brief checklist to ensure your truck is kept in the best condition possible:

It saves you money in the long run

Taking good care of your food truck may seem like a hassle in the day to day operations of your business, but in the long run, it will almost certainly save you money.

As with most things in life, prevention is often significantly less costly than dealing with an issue when it occurs. While keeping your truck in good shape won’t guarantee problems won’t arise, it will reduce the chances and frequency in which your truck breaks or you need a repair.

Something as simple as checking your tire pressure each day can help prevent a blown tire in the middle of the highway during an extremely busy day.

First impressions matter

How your truck looks to your customers can play a big role in their overall impression of your brand. No one wants to order from a food truck that looks worn down, especially if you are catering a wedding.

Having an employee clean the truck, wipe it down, fix and even paint the outside of the vehicle regularly can do wonders for making sure you give a great first impression.

Consider having your manager go through a brief checklist each day after your food truck closes to ensure you are maintaining a high standard for your food truck.

Keeping your truck maintained builds good business habits

While working to keep your truck in good condition is important and can save you money in the long run, it also ensures that everyone working at your truck is held to a high standard.

Showing your employees that it’s important to care for the truck will help instill a sense of pride for you and your team. You want to demonstrate to your team that this isn’t just a regular job and that you want to deliver the best experience possible.

Building the proper systems in your day to day operations to ensure your truck is well maintained will help develop good business habits that will ultimately help you grow and scale your business more effectively.

Maintenance Checklist for Food Truck Owners

Here’s a quick checklist to help you keep your food truck running in great shape.

  • Check your oil and engine regularly
  • Check your truck battery
  • Have one of your employees check the tire pressure, especially after driving for extended periods
  • Ensure you have the tools in your truck in case an emergency occurs
  • Get a truck tune-up at least once a year
  • Repaint your truck if it begins showing wear and tear
  • Have your closing manager go through a brief end of day checklist
  • Encourage your employees to speak up or take action if a repair is necessary

With thousands of amazing food trucks listed on Truckster, doing everything you can to deliver an exceptional experience to your customers is a must! Keep your truck in excellent shape, and the customers will see the effort you put into your business.

10 Ideas for Date Night For New Couples

Date Ideas

When you first start dating and are getting to know each other, certain activities help build a strong connection. The process of getting to know someone shouldn’t be a boring one. So we’ve compiled a list that should make it easy to plan an exciting time with your partner.

Here are ten fun date night ideas for new couples.

1. Dinner and a movie

There’s a good reason dinner and a movie is a go-to date option for couples all around the world. Silence your cell phones and pick your favorite restaurant to eat and top the evening off by enjoying a movie you both have been wanting to see.

To make the night extra special, go to a local cinema that serves you food and drink while you enjoy the film!

2. Escape room

Talk about an exciting first date! Escape rooms have become increasingly popular over the years, and they are one of the most enjoyable activities you can do with a new date! Work together to find a way out of the escape room and put your problem-solving skills to the test.

The only thing better than succeeding in solving the escape room is seeing your date’s smile when you tell them the activity you have planned.

3. Go wine tasting

A classy and enjoyable date for even new couples, scheduling a wine tasting is sure to be a hit! Not only do you get to enjoy incredible tasting wine, but winery views are also often unforgettable as well. Some wineries even allow you to set up picnics on their grounds, so you can make a full day of it.

4. Go camping or glamping

If you and your partner enjoy spending time outdoors, a weekend camping trip is a must! Prepare everything you need for a perfect camping trip ahead of time and don’t forget to pack some delicious food for a romantic dinner near your tent.

Many campgrounds offer additional fun activities such as kayaking and hiking, so don’t forget to add that to your camping agenda for some extra flair to your weekend.

5. Find a Food Truck

What’s not to love about enjoying some incredible freshly made dishes and drinks at some of the best food trucks in your area? Use the Truckster App to help you find food trucks nearby and spend the day enjoying some of your favorite foods.

Don’t be surprised if you find your new go-to spot after this fantastic date idea.

6. Go skating

Lace up your skates and take your partner out to go skating or for a spin on your local ice-skating rink. While there are sure to be some falls, skating is the perfect opportunity to break the touching barrier and hold hands while you skate!

7. Enjoy a home cooked meal

A classic alternative to dinner and a movie, choose a healthy and delicious meal that you and your partner can cook together at home. Put on some relaxing music such as your favorite jazz station and enjoy the evening in the comfort of your own home. Pop open a bottle of wine for the perfect date night.

8. Go to a comedy club

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? Buy two tickets to your local comedy club and have a night out on the town full of laughter. A comedy show is a great way to get to know your new partner’s sense of humor.

9. Hit the beach (or lake)

If you’re fortunate enough to live to a nearby beach, take a whole weekend and make it an excursion of it. If no beach is around, find a nearby lake or waterpark. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

10. Get tickets to your favorite sporting event

Whether it’s football, baseball, or basketball, getting two tickets to see your favorite team is guaranteed to be a great date night adventure. Have no professional team in your city? Consider buying tickets to support a local high school or college team.

Own a Coffee Shop? Start a Coffee Truck

Coffee Truck

If you are fortunate to own or run a coffee shop or two, one of the most effective ways to generate more revenue and grow your brand is by investing in a coffee truck to compliment your brick and mortar business. In some cases, running a coffee truck by itself can even be a wise business and financial decision.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider starting a coffee truck if you currently own a coffee shop.

Find the Perfect Location For Your Coffee Truck

While having a single location for your coffee shop in a good part of town can certainly be profitable, having a mobile coffee truck can help you take advantage of more than one high traffic area.

In the morning, you can set up your coffee shop in the business district and then make your way to the where college kids need coffee for their all-night study sessions. A coffee truck allows you to pick and choose the best locations to serve your high-quality coffee so you can work to increase your profits.

Relatively Low Startup Costs

Running a brick and mortar coffee shop can be a pretty hefty investment which makes for very little room for error. If you mistakenly choose a less than ideal location, it can be hard to make your money back. With a coffee truck, you can get started for a relatively low investment, and there are minimal overhead costs for the month.

While you do have to invest in the truck itself, electricity and other maintenance costs are significantly less than a traditional coffee shop store. If you’re looking for a high reward, low-risk addition to your coffee business, launching a coffee truck is a great option to consider. Be sure to check out our list of “the best practices for food trucks.”

Create Lifelong Customers While On the Go

Though you can win the hearts of your customers at your traditional coffee store, coffee trucks offer a more unique opportunity to connect with your customers and create truly lifelong fans. With the ability to move your truck depending on the time and season, you’ll also gain added exposure to customers who may otherwise not frequent the area in which you own your coffee shop. Seeing your coffee truck outside their office or school will excite those customers who rarely make it to your shop.

Coffee Discovery is at an All-Time High

Food and coffee trucks continue to grow in popularity, and sites such as Truckster are driving new customers to up and coming food trucks in record numbers.

Because coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, coffee drinkers are always looking for new places to enjoy their favorite cup of joe. Food truck discovery websites are a great way to increase the visibility of your brand, and many coffee drinkers are incredibly loyal to coffee trucks compared to the standard coffee brand.

Coffee is the Perfect Food Truck Offering

If you sell coffee, coffee trucks are an incredibly efficient way to move product while keeping your costs low. With very little additional infrastructure needed, a coffee truck is essentially ready to go the moment you purchase it. Best yet, you don’t need a ton of room in your truck to have all the materials you need to produce and sell great tasting coffee!

As previously mentioned, you can move your truck based on where you expect your customers to be so that there’s no wasted time when you’re working your coffee truck!

If you own a coffee shop, you should consider starting your own coffee truck as well. With the reasons listed in this post, it’s easy to see the value a food truck provides to your business.