#ServeTheIndustry Challenges Denver to Support Food Trucks and Workers Simultaneously

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Truckster is partnering with community members to build the #ServeTheIndustry movement. The movement’s mission is to aid the disrupted and displaced service industry community, starting here with local food trucks serving the Denver Metro area. We are pairing essential industry workers in need of a fresh, hot, meal with food trucks struggling to generate revenue, supported by funding from individuals and communities who are willing to give. Click Here to Give Now!


It all started on Saturday night March 21, when a group of neighbors got together and purchased meals from The Bamboo Skewer food truck to feed workers at their local King Soopers. Their generosity fed over 70 meals at two Denver Metro King Soopers locations. “After hearing my friend Mark’s story (owner of The Bamboo Skewer), I knew I needed to find a way to help” says Tim Fielding, who came up with the idea. “Listening to the small businesses who are watching years of hard work evaporate overnight just crushes me. Pair that with all of the workers who have been thrust into an essential role in the health and wellness of our communities like the grocery store workers stocking shelves, checking people out, and delivering food, I wanted to help out any way I could. This way we can help serve the people serving our communities while supporting small businesses.”

Connor Hollowell, Co-Founder of Truckster said, “When Tim and Mark reached out to us, it just felt like it was the answer we had been waiting for. So many of our trucks are reaching out to us in a panic. Nearly all, if not all, of their events are cancelled and they are looking for somewhere to go.”

Truckster is hosting a page on our website where the public can purchase a meal from a participating food truck (or multiple meals if they are willing and can afford it). With the help of sponsors like Tim and Kelly Fielding from Axe & Timber and in coordination with the grocers themselves, Truckster will then schedule food trucks to serve meals to the workers at local grocery store locations. The trucks will be individually packaging the food and serving in small groups, in order to comply with the Stay at Home Public Health Order issued on Monday.

In addition to serving the staff, trucks will also be open to the public at these locations for takeout service. Many trucks are offering takeout ordering through their websites, via text, and on the Truckster app. The public is asked to please adhere to Monday’s order, and keep distances of 6 feet or more between you and others when picking up your takeout orders.

The group is spreading the word through a social media challenge that launched on Wednesday, March 25th. Participants will purchase meals through the Truckster website (https://gotruckster.com/food-truck/co/denver/servetheindustry), change their social media profile pictures to the #ServeTheIndustry logo for the day, and create a social media post challenging three friends to do the same.

Truckster Co-Founder Molly Hollowell expanded, “It’s a great way to give with double the impact, and hopefully will add just a little sunshine to what can feel like really dark days ahead. It’s always incredible to see what we can do together, and how many people want to pitch in and be a part of it.”